Recruitment - Overview

The Lake Johanna Fire Department is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Applications for employment are accepted year-round. The hiring process normally starts in the fall based on station staffing needs. The typical steps of our hiring process include: a review of their application, an interview, a physical agility test, a psychological evaluation and a medical physical. Upon successful completion of this process, the candidate will be invited to attend an orientation session about the Lake Johanna Fire Department before a job offer is extended.

Pay - Firefighters are paid an hourly rate for calls, drills, shift work and other duties.

Pension - All firefighters who serve 10 years or more are eligible to collect a pension once they reach the age of 50. To receive the full benefits, 20 years of good service time is required.

If you wish to apply for a position on our department:

  • Download a copy of the LJFD Application
  • Complete all sections of the application
  • Submit the application in person or by mail

Lake Johanna Fire Department
5545 Lexington Ave N
Shoreview, MN 55126

LJFD Application